Shah Rukh Khan birthday post: some of my favorite candid shots

I’m putting up a quick post to celebrate Shah Rukh Khan’s 53rd birthday today. You can generally find me hanging out and commenting on Don’t Call It Bollywood  talking about Indian movies, especially Hindi movies. Margaret, the Blogger at DCIB, me, and many of the commenters there are Shah Rukh fans, so he’s a frequent topic of conversation. Margaret’s been doing a whole series of Shah Rukh related posts in October, including one which had some of her favorite candid Shah Rukh photos. In that happy birthday sharing spirit, here are some of my favorites. First, Shah Rukh on his own:

Next, Shah Rukh with others (All connection and consideration. Not sure who is cuter, unknown actor in the first one, Aziz Sahab, the puppy dog, or Rekhaji):

And finally, Shah Rukh in motion:



Happy Birthday, Shah Rukh! Happy Birthday, Pooja Dadlani! And Happy SRK Day to all his fans and well-wishers!

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