Shift in direction

Hi followers, readers, Internet denizens. I hope all is well in your world.

Hey, what the heck does it mean to have a social media presence? What do you use it/them for? What does maintaining one or more presences do for you in your life? I ask because almost 3 years after starting this blog I really have no idea. I know that I don’t have the energy to maintain multiple presences which show different sides of me, and I also think it’s not healthy to do that. However, given that I hold some truly minority positions–gender abolitionist, pro-sex but anti-porn and prostitution–it’s not really safe in the current environment to be “me” online if I want to, ya know, keep on earning a living.

For about 6 years I had been retreating into a radfem-separatist stance–that the only way to fight the global “megatheacorporatocracy” as Twisty Faster calls it, is to participate in it as little as possible. But, on 11/9/16, my little privileged bubble was shattered when my fellow white Americans put an inexperienced maniac in power, backed by white supremacists, international criminals, and Christian dominionists. Holy shit. I mean, I was completely sideswiped. Crying into the champagne and fizzy apple juice I brought home from work to celebrate the election of the first woman President with my daughter.

I realized I can’t not participate, because others don’t have the luxury to separate from the system. Now I’m desperately trying to learn from those who predicted the election outcome–mostly folks who study authoritarianism and people of color involved with BLM and community-based justice organizations. I’ve been marching, writing/calling elected officials, and trying to keep up with the multiple facets of policy disasters, state oppression, corruption, and sheer incompetent cruelty of 45 and the gang.

As part of this shift I’ve moved away from most long form blogs, including WordPress, and spend most of my personal online time on Twitter. One exception is reading Bollywood related blogs, review sites, and YouTube channels. In 2015 I fell hard for Shah Rukh Khan–the person and the actor–and Hindi movies generally. Ironic for a radfem, but highly satisfying for middle-aged white lady thoroughly bored/disgusted with Western films and TV.  My comment history on WordPress documents this shift. 🙂

So, now I can’t decide what to use this blog for, or whether to continue doing anything with it other than maintaining a presence to comment on Shah Rukh/Hindi movies/associated bits of Indian and Western pop culture. I’m guessing my blog experiment will end with a whimper, not a bang. C’est la vie.



5 thoughts on “Shift in direction

  1. I would love to hear more about your journey with Bollywood. It’s fun to talk to you when M drives the conversation but I suppose it would be love to hear your own tidbits.

    I can relate to you hating where your country seems to be heading and who’s in charge. I’m at the very same place in my own country. Don’t like the top guy and with our system, they don’t seem like they’re going to go away soon. BUT, it’s been a pleasure to find, through social media, activists and satirists and just regular people who know why resistance is important. If nothing, it’s given us all the strength to not become cynical of our own country and culture and to realise that this is a phase and it will pass.

    I’d love to hear more about what you think about anything that you feel strongly about. You really can put words together nicely.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, I am better at commenting and conversation than original posts, I think. But I appreciate the encouragement. It’s true that Trumpism has woken more people up to the need to engage actively as citizens if we want to have a system that works for more people. I can see that being similar to the BJP/Hindutva folks. In the meantime, see you over at DCIB. 🙂

      • Totally. Although I do see the current American situation as being unique in the sense that there’s never been an active opposition in that country that’s been so vocal. I suppose we should welcome this change in that if it makes the american voters more active and thoughtful in the next election cycle, it would be good for the entire. At least the countries the American coalitions are hoping to invade in the future anyway!

  2. everything you wrote made total sense until this surprising sentence, “As part of this shift I’ve moved away from most long form blogs, including WordPress, and spend most of my personal online time on Twitter.” How does realizing that you must participate lead directly AWAY from longform writing and TOWARD engagement on twitter?

    I know you don’t know me, the reason I ask is not to criticize, but because I find that now more than ever we need long form writing and that more and more people I meet hardly read books at all. I find that a fundamental divide between radical feminists and more liberal/all people is that radical feminists are almost 100% enthusiastic readers who love ideas and were converted to radical feminism through reading the books of the greats like Dworkin, Firestone, Daly etc. I certainly was.

    I do not believe that the ideas of radical feminism can be contained without books and/or long form writing. I do not believe the nuance can be communicated or transmitted via videos, twitter or anything less that BOOKS! How do we bridge this gap? In my life so many people gripe about trump, yet all support the transgender ideology unthinkingly. Its strange to realize that I live in a place and time where my ideals and values are literally unspeakable to 99% of people I know. I really feel so interested, yet sad, that I live in a place and time quiet like Germany just before WWII, or other regimes where thought crime was a thing, where neighbors informed on neighbors and where no one felt free to speak yet acted as if everything was totally fine.

    • Thanks for commenting! I was unclear. I’m still reading long form writing–books, magazine articles, and sometimes blogs. It’s more that I’m finding longform content through Twitter. I love the writers I follow on WordPress, and many of them have Twitter handles also. I find that they usually post a link to one of their blogs if they want to be sure it is more widely read.

      I have so much reading from the links I’ve posted on this blog (online radfem library and complete works of Andrea Dworkin are two examples) that I may never finish. I contributed to the publication of Female Erasure last year, and I have the book on my “to read soon” bookshelf.

      I sympathize with how surreal it is to be surrounded by well meaning people who don’t seem to see, at all, the frightening patterns we do. I gingerly bring up gender identity ideology with a couple of close friends and a couple of family members. At work I absolutely can’t talk about it–there I just try to keep the focus on the particular vulnerabilities, needs, and priorities of biological females, without explicitly saying that’s what I’m doing. It is a weird time for sure.

      I have no idea how to bridge the thinking/speaking/reading/writing gap–especially with young feminists. I’m so encouraged by young radfems, but have no idea how to reach especially girls and young adolescents. How to help them see that gender is a violently oppressive hierarchy–not a fun-time choosy-choice spectrum–without scaring them? How to tell them their sexuality is their own and can be a source of joy but is also a source of risk which many others will try to exploit? They have a rough enough time as it is just figuring out who they are and dealing with puberty in this crazy culture.

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